saudi arabia overseas jobs in aramco company 2024

Are you trying to find interesting jobs abroad? The Aramco Company in Saudi Arabia can be the ideal location for you. Everything you need to know about Saudi Arabian abroad jobs at Aramco Company in 2024 will be covered in this post.

aramco company
aramco company

Overview of Aramco Company

With its headquarters located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, formally known as the Saudi Arabian Oil firm, is a well-known petroleum and natural gas firm on a global scale. Its operations encompass exploration, production, refining, distribution, and marketing of oil and gas products, making it one of the biggest and most lucrative enterprises globally.

Benefits of Working in Aramco

Numerous advantages come with working for Aramco. Competitive pay, full health insurance, substantial vacation and leave policies, retirement plans, and a host of additional benefits are provided to employees. Furthermore, Aramco offers a secure and welcoming workplace that promotes professional development.

Available Job Opportunities in Aramco

Aramco provides a variety of employment options in several industries. There is a position at Aramco for everyone, whether you are an engineer, IT specialist, financial specialist, or administrative staff member.

Engineering Positions

Engineers from a variety of fields, including mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering, are regularly hired by Aramco. The infrastructure and facilities of the business are designed, implemented, and maintained in large part by engineers.

IT and Technology Jobs

In the digital era of today, technology is essential to the oil and gas sector. Aramco is looking for bright technologists and IT specialists to lead digital transformation projects, improve operational effectiveness, and create novel solutions.

Finance and Accounting Roles

Professionals in finance and accounting play a crucial role in Aramco’s financial management and decision-making. Aramco provides fulfilling employment opportunities in finance and accounting for individuals ranging from financial analysts to qualified accountants.

Administrative and Support Positions

Every successful organization is fueled by a committed group of support and administrative personnel. Administrative specialists that ensure seamless daily operations are highly valued by Aramco.

Requirements and Qualifications

Aramco normally looks for applicants with the necessary technical abilities, professional experience, and educational background, while exact requirements differ based on the job type. Additionally, considering the company’s global workforce, English literacy is frequently essential.

Application Process

Prospective employees may examine available positions on Aramco’s official website or by contacting reliable employment agencies. It’s crucial to customize your cover letter and CV for each application in order to showcase the experiences and qualifications that are pertinent to the job.

How to Find Job Openings

Aramco posts fresh job openings on a regular basis to its employment webpage. Networking with present workers and business leaders can also yield insightful information about impending opportunities.

Tips for Crafting a Strong Application

Make sure your application for Aramco stands out by emphasizing your accomplishments, abilities, and enthusiasm for the company. For every job, tailor your cover letter and CV, and pay close attention to the application guidelines.

Work Culture and Environment

Workers at Aramco are encouraged to work together, be creative, and achieve in an environment that values diversity and inclusivity. The organization fosters a culture that is supportive of both professional and personal growth by placing a high priority on sustainability, safety, and integrity.

Compensation and Benefits Package

Aramco provides a competitive benefits package that includes various allowances, performance bonuses, and base pay. Employees receive complete benefits like healthcare, retirement plans, and educational help in addition to monetary compensation.

Career Growth and Development Opportunities

Employees at Aramco can grow their skills and progress their careers in a variety of ways. Aramco makes investments in the advancement of its workers through internal mobility, mentorship programs, and training initiatives.

Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a distinctive amalgamation of opulent cultural legacy, contemporary conveniences, and an array of leisure pursuits. Even though it can be difficult to acclimate to a new nation and culture, Saudi Arabia is frequently a warm and fulfilling place for expats to live.

Challenges and Considerations

There are unique difficulties and factors to take into account while relocating for work to Saudi Arabia. Expatriates may run into roadblocks due to bureaucratic procedures and cultural barriers. Nonetheless, these difficulties are surmountable with the right planning and assistance.

aramco company

Testimonials from Employees

“My time spent working at Aramco has been amazing. It is quite admirable how dedicated the organization is to sustainability, safety, and excellence.” – Engineer John Doe

“After more than ten years with Aramco, I’m always pleased by the growth and development chances. It’s a career rather than just a job.” – Jane Smith, Manager of Finance


In conclusion, people looking for fulfilling employment in the oil and gas industry have an exciting opportunity to work abroad at Aramco Company in Saudi Arabia. Many people choose Aramco as their employment because of its favorable work atmosphere, competitive pay, and extensive benefits package.

Saudi Aramco Jobs Abroad

  1. Job                                                                                                                         TitleLocation
  2. Staff Accounting Analyst                                                                                                Saudi Arabia
  3. Business Sys Analyst I                                                                                                     Saudi Arabia
  4. Process Engineer – CCR Platformer                                                                            Saudi Arabia
  5. Heavy Lift Engineer                                                                                                         Saudi Arabia
  6. Drilling & Workover Advisor                                                                                         Saudi Arabia
  7. Business Sys Analyst I                                                                                                     Saudi Arabia
  8. Drilling & Workover Advisor                                                                                         Saudi Arabia
  9. Writer / Editor                                                                                                                  Saudi Arabia
  10. Senior Production Director                                                                                            Saudi Arabia
  11. Corporate Brand Management Strategist                                                                   Saudi Arabia
  12. Programs Developer                                                                                                        Saudi Arabia
  13. Process Engineer – NGL Fractionation                                                                      Saudi Arabia
  14. Environmental Engineer                                                                                               Saudi Arabia
  15. Environmental Engineering Specialist – Water and Waste Water                      Saudi Arabia
  16. Field Machinist Technician                                                                                          Saudi Arabia
  17. Lead Field Compliance Coordinator – HSSE Engineer                                          Saudi Arabia
  18. Turnaround Engineer                                                                                                    Saudi Arabia
  19. Business Development Lead                                                                                        Saudi Arabia
  20. Executive Communications Strategist                                                                       Saudi Arabia
  21. Media Production Director                                                                                          Saudi Arabia
  22. Senior Brand Experience Specialist                                                                            Saudi Arabia
  23. Corrosion Engineer                                                                                                        Saudi Arabia
  24. Instrumentation Engineer                                                                                           Saudi Arabia
  25. Mechanical Inspector                                                                                                    Saudi Arabia
  26. Maintenance Planner                                                                                                    Saudi Arabia
  27. Metering Engineer                                                                                                         Saudi Arabia
  28. Control Systems Engineer                                                                                            Saudi Arabia
  29. Senior Mechanical Inspector                                                                                       Saudi Arabia
  30. Mechanical Inspection Engineer                                                                                Saudi Arabia
  31. Cyber Security Specialist                                                                                              Saudi Arabia
  32. Artificial Intelligence Specialist                                                                                  Saudi Arabia
  33. Sr Engineer                                                                                                                     Saudi Arabia
  34. Rigless Well Intervention Operations Engineer                                                      Saudi Arabia
  35. Control Systems Engineer                                                                                            Saudi Arabia
  36. Pipeline Corrosion Engineer                                                                                       Saudi Arabia
  37. Energy Engineer                                                                                                             Saudi Arabia
  38. Root Cause Analysis Specialist                                                                                    Saudi Arabia
  39. Actg Staff Analyst I                                                                                                        Saudi Arabia
  40. Actg Staff Analyst I                                                                                                        Saudi Arabia
  41. Production Optimization Specialist                                                                           Saudi Arabia
  42. Senior Project Engineer/Instrument                                                                         Saudi Arabia
  43. Process Engineer                                                                                                            Saudi Arabia
  44. Supply Chain Category Manager                                                                                 Saudi Arabia
  45. Unconventional Reservoir Simulation Engineer                                                       Saudi Arabia
  46. Mechanical/Rotating Equipment Engineer                                                                Saudi Arabia
  47. Rotating Equipment Engineer (Mechanical Engineering)                                       Saudi Arabia
  48. Reservoir Engineer for Unconventional Reservoir (Ultra Tight/Tight Sand & Channel Reservoir)                                                                                                                           Saudi Arabia
  49. Senior Project Engineer/Mechanical                                                                           Saudi Arabia

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