Latest Driver Jobs in Saudi Arabia: Current Vacancies 2024

In Saudi Arabia, the interest for talented drivers keeps on ascending as the nation encounters fast improvement across different areas. From transportation organizations to organizations requiring operations support, driver occupations assume an imperative part in keeping the wheels of the economy turning. In this article, we’ll investigate the most recent patterns, capabilities, momentum opportunities, compensations, and difficulties related with driver occupations in Saudi Arabia in 2024.

Driver Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Driver Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Trends in Driver Jobs

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a surge in demand for drivers across multiple industries. With the growth of e-commerce, ride-hailing services, and the logistics sector, there’s an increasing need for proficient drivers to transport goods and people efficiently. Companies in the construction, oil and gas, hospitality, and healthcare sectors also require skilled drivers to support their operations.

Qualifications and Requirements

To get a driver work in Saudi Arabia, competitors should meet specific capabilities and prerequisites. First and foremost, they need to get a substantial Saudi driving permit, which includes breezing through both hypothetical and viable tests. Moreover, businesses frequently search for up-and-comers with great relational abilities, information on traffic guidelines, and a spotless driving record.

Current Vacancies

As of 2024, numerous companies in Saudi Arabia are actively hiring drivers. Major transportation companies such as Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO), Uber, and Careem have ongoing recruitment drives to meet the growing demand for their services. Moreover, construction companies, delivery services, and government agencies regularly post vacancies for drivers on various job portals and recruitment websites.

Salaries and Benefits

The compensation range for drivers in Saudi Arabia changes relying upon variables, for example, experience, sort of vehicle worked, and business. Overall, drivers can hope to procure between SAR 3,000 to SAR 6,000 every month, with extra advantages like lodging stipend, clinical protection, and paid leave.

How to Apply

To apply for driver jobs in Saudi Arabia, candidates can explore job openings on online job portals, company websites, and recruitment agencies. It’s essential to tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experience, including any specialized training or certifications. Additionally, networking with industry professionals and attending job fairs can increase your chances of landing a suitable position.

Challenges and Opportunities

While driver occupations offer steadiness and nice compensation, they likewise accompany their difficulties. Extended periods out and about, gridlock, and exploring new courses are normal obstacles looked by drivers in Saudi Arabia. In any case, with the ascent of innovation and computerization, there are likewise potential open doors for drivers to upskill and adjust to changing industry patterns.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the future of driver jobs in Saudi Arabia appears promising, with continued investment in infrastructure and transportation networks. Advancements in electric and autonomous vehicles may reshape the industry, creating new roles and opportunities for skilled drivers. Moreover, the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 agenda aims to diversify the economy, leading to further expansion in sectors that rely on transportation services.

Driver Jobs in Saudi Arabia


All in all, driver occupations in Saudi Arabia offer a remunerating profession way for people with the right abilities and capabilities. As the nation advances towards its improvement objectives, the interest for capable drivers is supposed to serious areas of strength for stay. By remaining refreshed on industry drifts and leveling up their abilities, hopeful drivers can quickly take advantage of the plentiful chances accessible in this powerful area.


  1. How do I obtain a driving license in Saudi Arabia? To get a driving permit in Saudi Arabia, you should go through preparing at a certify driving school and finish both hypothetical and viable tests led by the Overall Division of Traffic.

  2. What types of vehicles do driver jobs in Saudi Arabia entail? Driver occupations in Saudi Arabia might include working different kinds of vehicles, including vehicles, trucks, transports, and rock solid gear, contingent upon the business’ prerequisites.

  3. Are there opportunities for career advancement in this field? Indeed, experienced drivers in Saudi Arabia can progress to administrative or administrative jobs inside transportation organizations or change to specific jobs like escorts for celebrities or corporate chiefs.

  4. Can expatriates apply for driver jobs in Saudi Arabia? Exiles with substantial residency allows and work visas can go after driver positions in Saudi Arabia, liable to meeting the fundamental capabilities and administrative prerequisites.

  5. What are the working hours typically like for drivers in the country? The functioning hours for drivers in Saudi Arabia can shift contingent upon the business and nature of the gig. While certain positions might include customary movements, others might require adaptable hours, including night moves and ends of the week, particularly in enterprises like transportation and planned operations.


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