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Nawah Energy CompanyNawah Energy Company

Discover the most recent employment opportunities at Nawah Energy Company. We are pleased to present the newest job openings at Nawah in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Take advantage of this chance to apply for a rewarding career with Nawah Energy Company by reviewing the updated list of available positions on our website. Nawah is committed to attracting and nurturing exceptional individuals from various backgrounds, both locally and globally. Join our vibrant and rapidly evolving organization, where you can thrive and progress professionally.

The staff of this organization come from various walks of life, encompassing a diverse array of backgrounds, age groups, and life experiences. This remarkable program attracts individuals that mirror the UAE’s multicultural atmosphere and the magnitude of its excellence.

Nawah Energy Company Careers

At present, Nawah has recruited a talented and vibrant workforce consisting of brilliant intellects from the nuclear sector. They are actively empowering their team members, be it seasoned veterans or recent graduates, by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and experience for triumph and distinction.

Their dedication lies in nurturing the upcoming cohort of nuclear specialists. To realize their ambition of attaining global recognition as a leading nuclear operator, they extend scholarships and training prospects through their Energy Pioneers Program.

About Nawah Energy Company

Founded in 2016, Nawah Energy Company (Nawah) is entrusted with the operation and maintenance of Units 1 to 4 at the groundbreaking Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. This pioneering facility, situated in the Al Dhafra Region of Abu Dhabi, stands as the first nuclear energy plant in the UAE and the entire region. As the world’s most recent nuclear operator, Nawah harnesses the potential of nuclear energy to furnish a secure, dependable, eco-friendly, and sustainable source of low-carbon electricity. This endeavor not only contributes to the UAE’s socio-economic progress but also elevates the standard of living for future generations.

Nawah places utmost importance on safety, steadfastly adhering to the most stringent international standards in the nuclear industry. With the four units at Barakah, Nawah is poised to generate an impressive 5,600 megawatts of power, fulfilling around 25% of the UAE’s electricity needs.

Nawah Energy Company Job Details

• Company/Organization: Nawah Energy Company
• Job Location: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
• Nationality: Any
• Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
• Salary: Not Disclosed

List of Nawah Energy Company Jobs 2023

List of Nawah Energy Company Jobs 2023

Job Title Location
Electrical Maintenance Technician UAE
Electrical Maintenance Specialist UAE
Head of Strategy and Performance Management UAE
Human Resource Officer UAE
Fuel Handling Technician UAE
Senior Electrical Maintenance Technician UAE
Clearance Writer UAE
Electrical Maintenance Technician UAE
Alarm Station Operator UAE
Senior Reactor Operator UAE
Warehouse Helper UAE
Mechanical Maintenance Specialist UAE
Service Delivery Specialist UAE
Nuclear Oversight Assessor UAE
Operations Procedures Team Leader UAE
Online and Cycle Scheduling Specialist UAE
Interior Architect UAE
Maintenance Procedure Writer Specialist UAE
Mechanical Maintenance Specialist UAE
Senior Audit and Investigation Specialist UAE
Senior Local Operator UAE
Local Operator UAE
Terminal Operator UAE
Senior Cyber Security CSOC Specialist UAE
Legal Associate UAE
Forklift Technician UAE
Lead Internal Auditor UAE
Senior Environmental Monitoring Specialist UAE
Head of Regulatory Programs UAE
Planning Engineer UAE
Fuel Handling Technician UAE
Radioactive Waste Management Specialist UAE
Senior Instrumentation Maintenance Technician UAE
Fire Brigade Crew Member UAE
Safety and Environmental Assessment Engineer UAE
Senior Radiation Protection Specialist UAE

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